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(seekoree) #1

Hello everyone,
Will be in NCP corp in less then 24 hrs

I am for sale


less then 30days from a rorq

Great for invention

Mining Boost


Perfect alt for your indy needs.

Starting Bid 25b


Auction for 5 days or till agreed price

Price Check Please
(cc hikari) #2

25 bil

(Pranda Xeon) #3

give me your buyout price plz

(seekoree) #4

bump for everyone, sorry still not in the NPC corp RL took me away for a few days.

As for a buy out i dont know. 35b for a number.

(seekoree) #5

Bump, RL took me away so i will extend till sunday.

Top bid is 29b in game

(seekoree) #6

Bid has been taken back so to bid is 27b

(seekoree) #7

bump to the top

(seekoree) #8

bump to the top high bid is 26b now

(system) #9

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