Mining Alt For Sale, 6.8M Sp's, focused

Hello, I’m for sale, 6.8m SP

Meets all the sale conditions as per the rules. (NPC Corp, positive wallet, no killrights).

I will receive the ISK. Immediate buyout is 7B, offers welcome. Thanks

Please read the rules before making a post

once you confirm your in npc corp, and are for sale ectt… i may make an offer

4b bid


6.5 and its yours

6.2B/O. If you accept I’ll transfer isk at once when i wake up.

Accepted. ISK on me, please send me account name via evemail.

Thanks!I’ll do it right now.

waiting, will xfer immediately

ISK and Account Name transfered. o7

Xfer started, 10+ hrs or so. Thanks

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