WTS Mining Alt 7.8m SP inc 1.1M unallocated


  • 6.7m SP mainly in Mining and Mining related stuff
  • 1.1m Additional SP unallocated
  • Hasn’t done the tutorial so could get another 80k from that fairly easiy
  • 2 Remaps - 1 Yearly; 1 Bonus
  • +3 Implants
  • Positive Standing

Will run for a week. Don’t bother messaging me in game as I don’t use this account.

hi I’ll give you 6Bil and fyi the 1.1m is included into the 6.7 SP.

Sorry, honesty mistake. I’ve only returned. I’ll let it run for a few more days to see how the price goes but otherwise 6bn is a good start

– title updated.

Ok offer stands till I find another char as other offers have been placed.

Account has 7.8m as per attached.

George – as you’ve bought my other toon take it you’re no longer interested in this one? Otherwise I will restart with the bidding with 5B Start, 6.5B B/O

I’ll still stand by my 6 bill will just take a couple of days to raise isk.

Alright, I accept, will wait until the isk is raised.

Ok Isk and Account name Sent, will await confirmation and char transfer

6.2 bil

Sold to George - Isk received and transfer done


09 Oct 2018 04:52

EVE Character transfer

Payment Method

email received thanks

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