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(Francis McLean) #1

please delete

130m SP char looking at ... stuff
Looking for a PVP corporation
Caldari FW
Recruitment me? maybe?
77mil sp player looking for a new start in eve
77 million SP Pilot Needs New Home
New pilot looking to learn
Anyone gonna take sov and need anotha?
Looking for a Corp to teach me how to PvP and join your fleet!
Old Player in Young characters looking for Uk/Eu pvp
100Mil SP Pilot + alts looking around
200 mil sp experienced player looking for a change
80Mil+ SP player looking for a corp
Inexperienced and Trying EVE Again
172M SP Char looking for Big wars - sorted thanks for the Interest
Old post pls delete
Please close
201.6m SP player looking for new home
28M SP Pilot LF Activity
Pilot Looking For:
(Francis McLean) #2

Come ****** some *****!

120 mill sp toon with useful alts searching for pvp corp - no scrub allances please
(Nitshe Razvedka) #3

Phoo tastes awful.

(Francis McLean) #4

Cmon chat with us and see what’s up!

60 Mil SP AU Pilot looking for a new home
(Francis McLean) #5

Wubadubdub come have some fun! :eggplant:

Officially better than PL now (AT XV)

(Francis McLean) #6

If you like blowing up space pixels you’ve came to the right place!

(Francis McLean) #7

Come get dank frags! :gun::gun::gun: :bomb::bomb::bomb: :crossed_swords:

(Francis McLean) #8

Come meet some sexy people and kill some shitlords! :gun:

(Francis McLean) #9

Bang bang come have some fun! :boom: :boom: :boom:

(Francis McLean) #10

We are ALWAYS recruiting!!!

(Francis McLean) #11

The top 12th corp in all of EVE for the past 90 days! Talk about content!

(Francis McLean) #12

Come chat we won’t disappoint! :space_invader::space_invader::space_invader:

(Francis McLean) #13

:gun: :boom: :sweat_drops:

(Francis McLean) #14

Can we just say “bump” on these new forums?

(Francis McLean) #15

Wump !

(Francis McLean) #16

Join us!

(Francis McLean) #17

plz delete mod

(ISD Chanisa Nemes) #18