Please delete

Starting bid: 20b
Reserve: HIdden
Buyout: Hidden

Auction end : 10 October 00:00 GMT

Great indy toon, Mine all the belts then jump them.

Can fly Anshar and nomad perfectly
Hulk ready
Positive wallet
Empire training clone +4 all +3 charisma
5% cpu implant
5% mining amount

Character is in NPC corp

This character will receive the isk

Make me an offer all are considered, happy bidding

Right reserved to cancel auction

20 bil.

Thank you sir

20billion new high bid

Bumpy bumpy


Bump to the top

23b new high bid

sorry,I buy another one

Auction had already ended before you withdraw your bid.

Bump bump

My offer is still valid if you want it.

Ok send isk and account name and I’ll transfer when I get in

Red lamora, there was a buy out offer made of 24billion before your first post, as this was made before your first bid I will have to take it unless you are willing to match it, I don’t know why they didn’t post here as it was sent as private message

27,5b BO

Accepted. Isk received will transfer as soon as I can log in approx 4 hours

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