Please delete!

Selling an old pilot in DOB mostly, have been using him a little, however it was a char I created back when I started and messed up, so never played him again :smiley:

  • SP 863K (might do a little more training with him)
  • No kill rights against him.
  • 1 implant - +1 Per.
  • No losses or kills (blank sheet)
  • Positive sec status and wallet.
  • No jump clones.
  • In HEK (right now)
  • Perfect to start over with, not to mention, 1 remap and 3, thats right THREE bonus remaps.

Starting bid is 5 bill (legacy char) (BO hidden, if met I will contact the person)
Final say is mine, obviously, however will consider serious offers.

All CCP rules and regs will apply.

So I lowered the Starting bid. Remember this char is for his DOB and nothing else.

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