PLEX Prices

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Maybe CCP should consider 170 PLEX for 30 day omega option as in eve echoes, but very very low training speed.


Pay the Money value of a Subscription and receive 170 plex is how I am reading that idea

When you think about that protentual that allows any Omega Capsuleer to engage in FW pvp battles a lot faster. That is a very good suggestion and hope others see the light in that idea.


wow , i like it
non training omega for 170

No wait that sounds like a Alpha with 170 plex in wallet for how much?

i use to pay 500 plex for thermodynamics and impel etc…
i would like to pay 170 for 1 month fun
don care for the SP

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SP are worthless these days…

Long gone are those times, that ACTUALLY rewarded the players that subbed for a decade.

As for the price of PLEX, well, that’s debatable…

You could anchor a small POS in a Wormhole and make 500 plex in a week…

OR - you could anchor a STRUCTURE and TAKE a week to unanchor it with all the risk involvled…

CCP say RISK vs Reward but W-Space has almost ZERO Risk currently…


I must ask Vinnie from the WHPD to verifty such claim as I am more terrified of WHS than I am visiting Lowsec Tama.

Vinnie is one of the few to keep W-Space alive these days…

I tip my hat to him and those that fly in his corp also…

They work DAMN hard to find content :slight_smile:

The ISSUE is … how many accounts do you keep alive when you are not within 3 of Jita…

** Editied **

It’s HIGHLY unlucky you will Cross Vinnie and his crew unless you are close to Jita…

And if you DO - and you kinda know how to live in a hole - then Vinnie is NOT the guy that will come kick you out.

If he does, then Damn, post a link here cause he makes some Aweome youtube’s :slight_smile:

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Plex Prices today…
To The Moon

PLEX Prices are not an issue. Skill Injector Prices are.
They are way to low. Should be around 1.3B. THAT gap is the issue.

The 40% off has expired.

Only for SP farms. Injector price will be [extractor price] + [value of SP] and the value of SP will be based on demand for SP. There’s no reason to expect the combined total to allow accounts to self-fund through SP sales.

If the new ships they release come with different skill requirements though it’s likely to push up demand for SP, so there’s that.

How were the servers the login queues, the graphics? What was New Eden really like back then?

Wait that was just Y123 (2021)

The servers are great, the graphics are awesome. I think the game has improved since back then!

Unless you are referring towards 1 to 2 m isk per plex?

Yes, those were the best times, I am still pretty upset that prices are 4-5 mil, meaning I have to earn 2-2.5b to get 30 days of Omega. I am currently working on extending my Omega to the third month and currently have 151 of 500 plex.

Not only for SP farms.
For Indy Players as well.
(My Toon has all the Skills she needs)

500 PLEX + 4x Extractors = ~5B
4x Large Injectors = ~3.4B

That’s -1.6B.
So playing every Month just to pay the sub, while making zero profit.
Not going to happen (anymore).

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Right, but that activity you’re undertaking where you extract SP every month to sell it and then plex your account, that’s SP farming. Nowhere is it guaranteed that a months worth of SP will pay for a month of omega after expenses.

And that’s why CCP will start to lose a lot of money.

Yeah maybe. It’s possible that new ships will create demand for SP that drive SP prices up. At the moment I think it’s fairly irrelevant as a lot of the bigger SP farms will have plexed their accounts well in advance so will still be running in profit. PLEX prices going up will also drive sales of PLEX so CCP will get some revenue from that. I expect SP to keep slowly ticking up and the recent PLEX pump to drop back down a little more yet.

What i see is the possibility for PLEX demand going down.

From my perspective:
Can’t afford my Accounts anymore. Not going to play to just PLEX them with zero profit (obviously).
So not buying PLEX anymore, which is more valuable to CCP then throwing a sub.

I’m also not going to sub my Account(s). Reason: new, higher Prices.

Prices are going crazy where i life (EU). Less Money to spend.
Only way i would go for a sub would be Prices go DOWN (instead of up).

To sum it up.
CCP loses the higher value PLEXed Accounts + me not going for regular subs.
(until everything should go back to normal)
If you take into Account that a lot of people will think the same way… well, guess.

But oc this is hypothetical/just a theorie since we/i don’t know the real numbers.

PS: no rant from my side. just giving subjective feedback.