PLOBS is Recruiting! Are we the right fit for you?

Planned Obsolescence. Is a newly reformed Null Sec corporation looking to take advantage of all Null space has to offer! Our members are all working adults who want to enjoy the game in our free time. We are not a corp who wants you for your taxes, ore, or amazing F1 abilities. We want you to have fun in the game in your own way with us and work to build something great together!

What we offer:

Comms (corp and alliance)
Alliance forums
Knowledgeable players who love to help
Citadels/Industrial Complexes/Refineries with great rigs/bonuses
Low Taxes!


Be active
Have fun
Be on comms during fleet ops as much as possible
Be in fleet
Willing to train/fly doctrine ships

Currently looking for:

Miners and Industrialists who want to also learn pvp
Any level of experience (willing to learn and take criticism)
USTZ (The US players mostly pacific but all are welcome)

If you’re interested, join the channel PLOBS Recruiting or contact our recruiters in game.
Delzia Cesaille (US), Siofra Damhnait (EU), and Arrogant Dreamer (US)

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I will email you in game when I get home from work. I am something I would like to discuss. Feel Free to contact me in game if you would like, but I will not be on for the next hour or so

We are still recruiting! We have plenty of space to play with!

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