[PLTHO] Preload Thorium - Sov Null Corp - USTZ / EUTZ

Preload Thorium is a new corp created with the goal of creating a environment where like minded players are able to thrive.

We are looking for like minded individuals who are all about PVP and shooting dudes, whilst also sitting back and relaxing with others whilst churning out the ISK.

We are apart of Get Off My Lawn Alliance and The Imperium Coalition.

What We Offer

  • Training and help with acclimatising to life in Null Sec.
  • Corp SRP and Alliance SRP in addition.
  • Corp buyback
  • Experienced FC’s and Leadership
  • Everything 0.0 space has to offer. Regular PVP fleets, ratting space, 0.0 ores and moon mining.

What we’re looking for

  • 5 mill SP minimum.
  • People willing to stick with us and help build the corp.
  • New bros welcome :slight_smile:
  • People who are PVP focused. You can be into industry or ratting to make your money but our main focus is PVP.
  • People to fill existing leadership positions (these will be handled on a case by case basis)

To join fill out a application form at pltho.com or join the Discord via the link here Preload Thorium

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