Preload Thorium Want's You! [Sov Null - US/EU TZ - PVP Focus with Indy Side Quests]

Preload Thorium, a close knit group of folks with the goal of creating an environment where like minded people thrive.

In a nutshell, we like PVP and making isk. If you also like shooting dudes in space and making isk on the side, you may be like us!

Here’s the important stuff, like, Murder and such, sometimes we murder rocks, but mostly dudes.

What We Offer:

  • Training and help with acclimating to life in Null Sec.
  • Corp SRP and Alliance SRP in addition.
  • Corp buyback
  • Bikini Mud Wrestling behind the gas station. (Friday and Saturday Nights Only!)
  • Experienced FC’s and Leadership
  • Everything 0.0 space has to offer. Regular PVP fleets, ratting space, 0.0 ores and moon mining.

What we’re looking for

  • 5 mill SP minimum.
  • A brain (Must have at least 2 working neurons)
  • People willing to stick with us and help build the corp.
  • New bros welcome (we’ll make you better I hope)
  • People who are PVP focused. You can be into industry or ratting to make your money but our main focus is PVP.
  • People to fill existing leadership positions (these will be handled on a case by case basis)

Did I mention we like to murder dudes, in space?

If you also like to make isk and murder dudes in space, come have a chat over on our discord.

No Officer, you have to be mistaken, there’s no one screaming in the trunk of my iteron!?!

What’s your favorite thing to do with a frozen corpse!?

Come have a chat with us, do it, do it naow!

Come make some pretty explosions!

Pew Pew

Freaky Gnomes!

Come shoot stuff with us!

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