[🔺Pochven🔺] Kybernauts Clade is recruiting corps and capsuleers!

Kybernauts Clade is recruiting!

We are “THE OG” Triglavian group and the only one currently living in Pochven and Independent from large null blocs. We are a group comprised of new and veteran players of EVE Online. We are at our core a PvP alliance, but we still know how to sling lasers at rocks and NPCs. We are willing to teach newbros and aspiring FCS. We have skill plans and doctrine ships to fit all SP levels. Pochven is the current hotspot for PvP in New Eden! As one of the most lucrative areas in New Eden, we can show you how to make the most of living in “Space Hell”. From Mining to Flashpoint Fleets, there’s no shortage of ways to make money.

Where We Live:

What We Offer:
:small_red_triangle:Small Gang PvP
:small_red_triangle:Small blue list
:small_red_triangle:Friendly Supportive Community
:small_red_triangle:Ship fits all skill levels in our fleets
:small_red_triangle:skill plan tailored to get you into effective ships
:small_red_triangle:Ship Replacement Program
:small_red_triangle:0% POCO taxes (Pochven has some of the best PI in the game)
:small_red_triangle:New Player Training
:small_red_triangle:FC mentoring
:small_red_triangle:outside Pochven content like ESS, WH defenses/sieges, Low/Null Sec roams

What We Expect:
:small_red_triangle:No skill point requirements, we only ask that you have some prior experience of PvP and a willingness to learn and improve.
:small_red_triangle: Be on coms with a working mic
:small_red_triangle: Submit to ESI check (our region of space is very small and intel is precious)
:small_red_triangle: Be Mature and Respectful

we are also looking for more FCs. If you are an aspiring or established FC looking to cut your teeth on sub-50-man fleets then look no more.

Yes, we also do PvE and accept PvE-focused players and corps, but with the caveat that you understand that due to the environment of Pochven you are never truly “safe”.

If you are a player or corporation looking to join us please join our in-game channel “Kybernauts” or join our Discord to speak with a recruiter.



Am interested, but your discord will not let me in automatically. Can you give me an address to log in?


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