[Pochven] 🔺 But Kybernauts got what capsuleers crave. It's got electrolytes

Ok, we don’t have electrolytes, but since you clicked I can tell what we do have.

We have a dedicated and growing group of players across multiple time zones that want to fly with you, grow with you, and give you those “I was there” experiences.

We live in a region of space named Pochven that we lovingly refer to as Space Hell. Why would you want to play in a space with that nickname?
No Caps, No Cynos, it is a sub-cap PvP haven. We have a red skybox that reflects the murderous rage in our hearts. Pochven is a mix of null-sec and wormhole space. It is glorious. I swear.
We are “THE OG” Triglavian group and the only one currently living in Pochven and Independent from large null blocs. We are a group comprised of new and veteran players of EVE Online.

What We Offer:
:small_red_triangle:Small Gang PvP
:small_red_triangle:Small blue list
:small_red_triangle:Friendly Supportive Community
:small_red_triangle:Ship fittings for all skill levels in our fleets
:small_red_triangle:skill plan tailored to get you into effective ships
:small_red_triangle:Ship Replacement Program (SRP)
:small_red_triangle:0% POCO taxes (Pochven has some of the best PI in the game)
:small_red_triangle:New Player Training
:small_red_triangle:FC mentoring
:small_red_triangle:outside Pochven content like ESS, WH defenses/sieges, Low/Null Sec roams, Faction Warfare, and more

What We Expect:
:small_red_triangle:No skill point requirements, we only ask that you come willing heart to learn and improve
:small_red_triangle: Be on comms with a working mic
:small_red_triangle: Submit to ESI check (our region of space is very small and intel is precious)
:small_red_triangle: Be Mature and Respectful

we are also looking for more FCs. If you are an aspiring or established FC looking to cut your teeth on sub-50-man fleets then look no more.
Yes, we also do PvE and accept PvE-focused players and corps, but with the caveat that you understand that due to the environment of Pochven, you are never truly “safe”.
join our in-game channel “Kybernauts” or join our Discord to speak with a recruiter.




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