Kybernauts Wanted!

We, Kybernauts, are looking for capsuleers to join us in our glorification!

We are a pvp focused corporation living in Pochven. Pochven is a dangerous region that is home to the Triglavian Collective, and we lovingly call this region, space hell. It is designed to foster small gang PvP.

No more local chat, no more capitals, no more structures, no more TiDi!

With dangerous space comes great rewards:
:small_red_triangle:Very few blues. Shoot who you want to!
:small_red_triangle:A friendly and supportive community across all timezones!
:small_red_triangle:A ship replacement program (SRP)!
:small_red_triangle:Due to Pochven’s location, easy logistics!
:small_red_triangle:True salvage fields for you to plunder!
:small_red_triangle:The best Planetary Industry with 0% Poco taxes!
:small_red_triangle:The most expensive ore to mine!
:small_red_triangle:Very profitable PvE content!
:small_red_triangle:Fantastic Small Gang PvP!
:small_red_triangle:Adventures out to all regions for fights, profit, and glory! Home is just a filament away!

Who can join:
Anybody! Our main requirement is to stay active. We purge inactive corp members monthly. We consider anybody that has not gone to pvp fleets that month to be inactive. We require a voice comms chat, and a full background check as well.

There are no skillpoint or skill level requirements, but we are not a new player corporation. Newer players are free to join, but do not expect handholding. Our fleet commanders will work with you to make sure you can participate in all of our content.

Our expectations for members:
:small_red_triangle:Be willing to jump on voice comms.
:small_red_triangle:Decent English language skills.
:small_red_triangle:Be mature and respectful.
:small_red_triangle:Be willing to learn.
:small_red_triangle:Have the initiative to try things on your own.

How to join:
Jump on our Discord and post something in the public channels.


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