[Pochven][PvP][US/EU]Kybernuts Clade is recruiting!

Kybernauts Clade is a Pochven-based pvp alliance.
*****What do we do? *****
Small gang
organized doctrines
wh content
small blue list
Our doctrine fits allows anyone from an alpha newbro to an omega veteran to join in the fun.
We just don’t stay in pochven! Like any good Pro-Trig organization we regularly make incursions into other parts of New Eden for mayhem.

What kind of alliance services do we offer?
skill plans
FC training and we pay our FCs!
tight-knit group of players
Training in Pochven and ISK/standing grind methods

****Roleplay? ******
No. We are best described as a Triglavian-sympathizer alliance. We don’t dress up and run around on the forums/in-game channels role-playing.
We fought for this space and we live in it. Simple as that.

Why Pochven?**
Red, everything is red, always! WE stole the suns! and most importantly logistics. Home is always a filament away.
Effectively our system we call home is 3 to 7 jumps from Jita depending on the entry wormhole.
It’s a subcap warfare haven. No caps, no hot drops, just good ole fashioned subcap vs subcap gameplay.

discord: Kybernauts Clade
in-game channel: Kybernauts


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