Porpoise pilot looking for a new home

I’m looking for Corporation miners I would prefer Corporation with real people and not everybody’s Alt account if you’re looking for a good booster pilot look me up


what else do you do?


I’ve eve-mailed you.

Hope to chat soon.

Discord: https://discord.gg/auTztw6



Hey mate, Cyntech industries is definately looking for more mining pilots that like to do a couple of different things. We have 4 moons that pop weekly and can always use more pilots. Give me a shout!

YAPLZ is currently recruiting more miners, we have a few mining systems for you to chose from and while we do have alot of alts we also have alot of active players.

No fee
No required fleets

Hello @Jennifer_Austin,

Have you considered a WH Corp. With all the Moon Mining changes, that might be an attractive position for someone with this kind of knowledge and experience in game.

Take a closer look at who we are and if you think you could make your mark with us, I am sure we could work something out as i am always in search of in game talent.

Hope to see ya in space,

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