Potency boosters are broken

You can decline missions without any penalty if you have level 5 social and using potency 75, your standing loss is about 0.001 per 1 mission, and you could infinity seed mission what you want. This should be a bug, because after release of boosters we have 30% increased penalty, but ccp fixes it, 75/25=3.

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The market will sort it out …


it be negative on all lp market prices. cause u can select what mission u can run. all time when booster works.
with 50 booster u can’t do that

But the supply of boosters is limited … and the LP prices will crash.

This is not the point of them being limited, the point is broken decline penalty, this boosters intended to be help with standings increase rate, and not as agent system abuse.

These boosters were handed out to Omega accounts during the Christmas event. To the best of my knowledge, there is no continuing source of supply. As the supply dwindles, the price will climb to the point where you’re better off simply talking to another agent if you’re unable to decline a mission without standing loss - that has always been an option.

I suspect they are working as intended - a temporary standing boost doesn’t have many in-game benefits other than improving interactions with mission agents.


It’s not only standing boost, it also provide infinity mission decline, without any penalty, basically you can decline 1000 missions in a 1 hour, and do not lose even 1%, and the problem is in it.

So what? You can do that anyway if you work from a station with several agents. Most mission runners cherry pick their missions. The booster let’s you do it a little faster for a price and you get to decide if the price is worth it. That price will rise as the supply of boosters is consumed. It will likely have little impact on the number of missions actually run and even less on the overall economy.


Just look at LP markets around the eve, and you will see huge drop of prices. Because people always farming what they want, and abusing the 4h penalty of declining without standing drop, this thing kills market, and I am sure this is not working as intended, because it ignores several very old mechanics.

You need to be selective and do your research - ISK/LP can vary a lot. I haven’t run missions as an income source for a while but, when I did, I focused on the 5 run BPCs. Some of these are really good - which ones will vary with the market cycle. The Federation Navy Magnetic Field Stabilizer BPC looks like it’s still worth about 3000 ISK/LP - I made a lot building them.

Most people use their LP to buy implants and dump the loot to buy orders which means you can get tags at very good prices and that’s the bulk of the cost for BPCs - the more people running missions, the better!


If it is a bug it should be fixed, I don’t really care that’s good or bad)

It’s not a bug. Happy now.

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We’ll see, after official answer on my bugreport) You are not happy, why?

Their limited duration and due to supply / demand, its not like you’ll be able to inifinetly get them, they’re great for some players, especially those that are PvP focused and have been itching to try out some PvE content but can’t due to faction grind. I do not see this as something that needs any sort of dev attention at all, due to the nature of the booster itself it will just not be unablancing to the gameplay at all. Any serious PvE player already has multiple ways set up to deal with having to decline missions, it only affects people that do not like the grind and it does so in a positive rather then negative way.

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It’s not normal to decline 300 missions in a row, this thing broke several mechanics, like someone couldn’t kill krabs because now they dont do missions in camped systems, do not fly to them and pull only in home system, or systems with citadels. And ppl ignoring all other missions, and do only burners and teams to get max profit per hour, and with course for example 1:2 it will be around 6-10kkk isk per day, because of this booster, and market couldn’t survive such pressure, and prices drops.

I have no idea man, all I can say is that I and people I play with have always declined unwanted missions. For the case of burners and L5s we use multiple accounts, its why I stopped doing both because its jsut too much of a PITA all the switching mission pullers etc. But I do know people that still do it and do so religiously. yes, we get those sort of declines on rare occasions on unlucky streaks.

I see no difference between doing this and using a booster other then having to deal with game launcher. Your system argument from my perspective is compeltely irrelevant since we’re all doing it already anyways without the booster, therefore any dev attention payed to this is wasted, and disabling or nerfing it will only have a negative effect on people who legitimately try out content that they normally avoid due to the faction grinds.


We are losing content because of this boosters, krabs do not fly through the gate) For now its working like x1.75 bounty for killing rats for 2 days long, it’s very broken.

Damnit, you just HAD to make a post about this. Couldn’t have kept your mouth shut?


No, I like krabs pain

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but seriously, who gives a â– â– â– â–  ?

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