Potentially Dangerous is looking for new corporations to join its ranks: if you like flying dangerously, we have a place for you!

Is your corp looking for a new alliance? We want to make Potentially Dangerous (-POT- for short) your next challenge in EVE. POT was founded in association with the recently reformed Flying Dangerous (FIGL), an old school PVP powerhouse with more than a decade of history. FIGL leadership is now looking to add new, independent corporations to the rapidly growing Potentially Dangerous, turning it into a traditional alliance of its own. By joining -POT- you are joining the Flying Dangerous family with access to fleet operations, industry structures, and Sov null security space, all with the spirit of PVP front and center. Our coalition, containing the PVP based Flying Dangerous, industry based Xagenic Freymvork (VAULT), and the constantly evolving Potentially Dangerous answers to no bloc and no master.

What we offer:

  • A solid foothold in the Purblind Region, with our coalition staging system only 14 jumps from Jita, 1 jump from Lonetrek lowsec, and 3 jumps from Lonetrek highsec
  • Operational freedom
  • Standing fleet in all TZs
  • Primary USTZ with a rapidly growing EU and AUTZ
  • Veteran experience from every corner of EVE
  • Access to all null and low security structures, including a market in our capital system: 93PI-4
  • Established and moderated Teamspeak, Discord, and forums
  • Null, low, and high security industry structures of all specialties
  • Stratops, roams, and other PVP fleets through FIGL with veteran FCs
  • Nullsec mining fleets staffed by VAULT and protected under the FIGL defense umbrella
  • Occupied C3 wormhole if you’re into that kind of thing
  • Plenty of traffic to keep life fun

What we are looking for:

  • Pilots capable of prospering in rich yet dangerous locations.
    • We live in dangerous places. We are relatively small. Our success relies upon our members being awake, and working together effectively. Massive blue lists and deep krab null are not things you will find here.
  • Organizations with any range of recruitment interest, from the tightest knit groups to corporations actively looking to grow their ranks.
  • Culture Fit: We have long been a group who value PVP above all else and all our culture and strategic goals are based around generating PVP content for our members. We want you to share and help us attain these goals. We go about this in a relaxed, no nonsense, and inclusive way that allows our members to grow and build their PVP skills.
  • An understanding that your corporation is yours to build and grow; joining the FIGL community should not mean dissolving your identity or internal structure. We want independent thinkers and do-ers, not F1 monkeys.

Interested? Join our in-game recruitment channel Relaxed Recruitment, join our discord, or ask a question in the comments of this post!!


Potentially Dangerous is still looking for new corps: Join now and everyone in your organization gets a free corvette!

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