Praxis converted into a Mining Ship

(Hooke Kurvora) #61

Have I just awoken from a coma and travelled back in time to the EVE before ore mining ships? Like the venture? Or… The venture? Or even an endurance. Or mining barge, or porpoise. Why would anybody with a brain use a battleship to mine? Only reason I can think of is that Op lives in uedama and has a queue of people waiting for him to undock.

New players - use the venture. A good mining ship that you can get for free and fit cheaply.

(Luscius Uta) #62

Praxis is a decent choice for mining ice if you can’t fly barges or Endurance because of its ability to field two ice harvesting drones and with full set of cargo expanders it can hold six blocks of ice. You can also fit decent tank in midslots and RHMLs in highs to protect yourself against belt rats (although it’s not likely to be enough to protect yourself against the allmighty CODE). Of course it’s still preferred to have a friend or alt with Porpoise, Orca or Rorqual nearby where you would store the ice blocks.

(Root'er) #63

In a pinch, Praxis is the best choice for mining if you can’t be bothered to train astrogeology V and other fluff skills on a combat pilot.
Venture isn’t even close in output, even with perfect skills, and Endurance needs even more skills.
Also it’s the best choice for alpha, skill-wise.

Used 2 Praxi to get Extended boosters on the last event from alpha accounts, was pretty quick.

(Sepheir Sepheron) #64

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(Dom Arkaral) #65

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(Sepheir Sepheron) #66

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(Dom Arkaral) #67

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(Owen Levanth) #68

This is still really dumb, but I remembered I have a couple Praxis stashed somewhere, so I actually don’t mind people being dumb with Praxises anymore.

Just go out and mine in battleships! The more Praxises you manage to be blown up in, the more I can get for mine if I decide to sell them! :grinning:

(Dom Arkaral) #69

Not if they give them away every year like the gnosis :wink:

Might as well sell them while theyre still worth something