Premier Industry Ore & Ice mining

Viridium Entrerprises is looking for a select few Industry and Mining pilots.

What we’re about:
• We are a small PvE/Industry Corporation Specialzing in everything from Ammunition and Drones, to T1, T2 Ships, and Capital Production.
• We live in a Minmitar HS pocket
• We encourage Solo, small gang, and large scale mining OPS
• We run Structured and proficient mining OPS and some small PvP roams.
• Ice mining

What we offer:
• Challenging yet lucrative Industry and Production Opportunities
• Very good Ore buyback program
• Ship replacement program
• Industry and Production Classes
• Free BPC’s and Procurer’s to get our new Industrialist on the same page
•Raitaru with processing, manufacturing bonuses, and labs for BPO’s & BPC’s (The Works)
• Orca or Porpoise boosted OPS
• We have a active US TZ
• A very Mature Player base
• Lead by experienced veteran players who understand real life comes first

What we require:
• Discord
contact me on here or send me an in game PM or mail.

Bump Still recruiting three or four more Industrialists and a couple miners

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