Presenting EVE PANDORA

With the new website now launched at, some final edits and bug fixes are being done.

To celebrate the new website launch, there will be some special events happening during the month of April which will be as follows:

6 combat campaigns for each of the 6 factions involved in either faction warfare or pirate insurgencies.
Rewards for these will be as follows:

  • 1 billion for finishing top for your faction, 750 million for finishing second, 500 million for finishing third.
  • 2 billion split amongst those not in the top three on the leaderboard.

The Events section on Pandora will be available from the end of this month.
On the 1st of April, there will be giveaways popping up for random prizes. These prizes could be something good, or something terrible and the prizes will be hidden until prize draw.

Simply grab a free ticket on the site for your chance to win.
Each random prize will have tickets available for limited time periods and will be available at random times throughout the entire day from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59.

The winners will be announced the following day and each prize revealed.
All items will be issued from Jita 4-4

In our event section, an event will be a weekly giveaway of plex for each week throughout April.
Simply grab a free ticket for your chance where PANDORA will randomly pick a winner each week. This does also mean that the last week of this will only run for the final two days of April being the 29th and 30th.
Weekly prizes will be:

  • 1st 500 plex
  • 2nd 350 plex
  • 3rd 150 plex

Do you have an idea for a campaign?
We are looking to help out with 2 campaigns.
Drop by our ideas and suggestions channel at Discord and if you have a campaign suggestion that we like then we will help you set it up and sponsor you with 1 billion isk by adding it as an additional agent to your campaign.

Good luck for April everyone!
DeT Resprox / evepandora