PvE Crowdsourced Content

Problem: The lack of regular new PVE content for areas like agent missions, exploration sites, Anomalies, Abyssal deadspace, etc.
Solution: Create a standalone deadspace sandbox creator.

  • Allow players to create their own deadspace sites and playtest them in a sandbox seperate to TQ.
  • Players can submit their creations for review and share their creations with other sandbox users to get a rating.
  • CCP can curate the top x most highly rated creations made each month and put them into rotation for missions, sites, etc.
  • Players receive a reward if their creation is used (plex, skins, etc), CCP get regular content updates in their game.
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ccp for some reason has never taken the opportunity of the no-cost-to-ccp work their players would have done for them (some of whom have a lot of actual knowledge of the coding / development needed). Like the merchandising millions in easy monies that they just left unraked-in over the years, it’s puzzling. Seems unlikely they’d do anything of the sort now…if they even have the ability to now…

ircc there is some kind of third-party mission-building tool / system that was updated within the last year or so. @Mike_Azariah might know more about that, not sure.

I support this. Bump.

@Raneru - this is what I was thinking about:

Thanks, I’ll check it out :slightly_smiling_face:

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