Presenting EVE PANDORA

The impact of EVE PANDORA in Faction Warfare

Three days ago I launched a combat campaign using EVE Pandora to push back the amarrian offensive in Ardar, rewarding one billion ISK divided between the top three minmatar pilots with the most killing blows.
Before launch, the system reached a contested level of over 60%.

Since the beginning of the campaign the contested level has been falling almost every day and is now sitting at just below 40%, as seen in the picture taken from Dotlan.

Campaign link:


I tried this system for my alliance and received very positive feedback from those who participated.

The site’s developer was very helpful and responsive when one or two issues came up, largely of my own making as a new user.


Great to see that campaigns have an actual impact on EvE’s state like this!

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Thanks Auriga,

Always happy to tweak campaigns and add options geared to user needs.

Great to see you guys using it for multiple campaigns too!


Liking all the changes on the site. Using it for Faction Warfare. Nice engagement.



It’s been a busy month with multiple deployments taking place. User numbers have increased massively with almost 700 users in the month of January alone.
Multiple campaigns have taken place with multiple agents getting involved - notably both Gallente and Caldari agents have been creating content for their factions or their alliances/corporations.

Ultra DuGarde has been acting as an agent for Templis CALSF, creating a weekly campaign - the latest of which can be seen in the TEMPLIS CALSF PUBLIC ROAM 012823 campaign. DuGarde has also created a further campaign open to the public for kills alongside TEMPLIS CALSF pilots with KILLING TIME.

Ultra Dugarde, Colonel STFU and Veganoto Tesla have combined as agents to create campaigns in an effort to capture Gallente held systems with an OFFENSIVE ON ALDRANETTE which has a massive 372 individuals involved so far!

Velln Moonshatter has encouraged an assault of Gallente forces on Alparena, though Caldari defences appear to be holding strong.

PANDORA continues to go from strength to strength with campaigns having a significant impact on EVE’s state-of-play,

Here are the latest site developments throughout January:


  • Missions declared as Story Arc missions can now be set as a campaign Affecting Mission, having a rewards improvement affect on a campaign.
  • Completing these missions will have the set improvement on campaign base isk rewards for the individual that accepted the mission or everyone on the campaign, depending on mission settings.
    Failing these missions will have the opposite effect - reducing campaign base isk rewards.

An example of a campaign using Affecting Missions is the Heimatar Defensive campaign. Here multiple missions were created, each set to re-create itself when accepted by anyone. Multiple missions of multiple difficulties were created giving differing reward adjustments to the campaign.


  • Huge campaign speed improvements - large leaderboards could slow down page loads. This now loads after.
  • Combat and plexing missions can only be run once for the same agent/agency. This is to prevent users from possibly gaining rewards for the same type mission, such as being able to stack rewards for capturing FW plexes the same system.
  • An unlimited number of additional agents and brokers can be added to campaigns for adding additional rewards - these was previously limited to 3.
  • Auto-generated FW campaigns now have a lifetime of 2 weeks for an agent to add themselves to make active. This was previously 3 days.
  • Auto-generated FW campaigns now generate when a system hit’s 70% contested - this was previously 80%
  • Auto-generated FW defensive campaigns now complete if the system is defended down to 40% - this was previously 70%
  • Missions can now be restricted for availability to your faction, alliance or corporation.
  • All Campaigns and missions are now loaded to pages from JSON files - making an API possible to 3rd parties for reading and maybe even possible implementation into ingame events. This also improves loading times on missions and campaigns. Previously these were calls being made to the database.


  • Added moving arrows to Plexing campaign to show which side is gaining control over the past hour.
  • Removed numbers showing in campaign and mission titles - iteration number does not need to show.
  • Users can now see Ended campaigns in their own home page menu.
  • Plexing campaigns now show how many plexes have been closed in selected systems on the leaderboard.


  • The evepandora bot will now notify a mission creator if their mission has been accepted and who by.
  • The bot now notifies a mission creator if their mission should be marked as failed or completed due to expiring.
  • The bot now notifies the mission taker if their mission has been marked as completed or failed by the mission creator.
  • The bot will notify all those on a campaign if they have campaign rewards to claim - this is done once every Wednesday and users must be authed with the bot to be notified.
  • The bot will post in campaign channels if a new campaign is available
  • The bot will post in mission channels if a new mission is available.
  • The bot will notify a user if a mission has been made available to them only.
  • The bot will post if an affecting mission has been failed or completed, who by and which campaign it has affected.
  • The bot will post in campaign channels if an additional agent or broker has added additional rewards to a campaign.


  • Fixed an issue where auto-genrated Faction Warfare campaigns were being repeatedly generated for offensive and defensive types in the same system.
  • Fixed an issue where some users were reporting Claims button not showing for auto-generated Faction Warfare campaigns.
  • Fixed an issue where not all active campaigns were showing on the Home Page.
  • Fixed a possible bug where kills were being added more than once on a campaign.
  • Fixed a possible bug where only 1 member was on a campaign leaderboard.

More soon!


Very well done and great progress.

Would like to mention that Frostpacker wishes to continue with their support and will pledge another small donation in FebY125 to help with mission rewards etc.



Amazing - thank you so much!

I’ll put this to good use with some content over the coming days :grinning:

Campaigns are much faster now.

I seem to be having an issue with adding to my ingame bio - this is an alt character
Screenshot 2023-01-30 083350

But ESI has not updated my bio changes to recognize ?

It still shows as

{“birthday”:“2023-01-08T15:13:17Z”,“bloodline_id”:4,“corporation_id”:1000172,“description”:“Students of Pator Tech School’s Industry Division are well-regarded for their multi-pronged approach to commerce and manufacturing.”,“gender”:“male”,“name”:“Hoder Firn”,“race_id”:2,“security_status”:0.0}


This route is cached for up to 86400 seconds

You must wait at lest 24h for ESI pull.

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The Heimatar Defense campaign has come to a close with 103 members of the Minmatar Republic involved in succesfully deplexing Auga and Vard down to 40% for a reward pot of 4 billion.

The stats and member usage over the past week have been incredible, with views even out-doing views on the Home page.

With this being the first campaign of it’s type to implement Affecting missions, this has been a huge success!



Great stuff as always Det. I will make sure to plug EVE PANDORA in the next video.


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The website I noticed is running a little heavy at 18second from a cleared cache full page load.
Either way you are doing great and support isk just sent.

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This looks interesting I’ll try and see if i can make a campaign today

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Something has slowed it down over the past week. Not sure what yet. Was this on the homepage?

My character log in was very slow if that helps

It logs in very fast when i use my phone. The mobile code is more effective.

EvE players sure have/do contribute a lot of effort to their hobby, eh?

So ol’ Komi was playing at least about a year ago…'k… @Komi_Valentine …just curious…You still playing EvE?

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Fresh as always :slight_smile:

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Implementation of a LIVE statistics suite for all four factions involved in faction warfare.

  • View live combat and plexing leaderboards for each faction and the most recent kills and losses for each side. Involved kills and killing blows can be views over the past 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days. Data graph shows contested states and combat activity with linking to the most active systems
  • View activity and offensive and defensive plexing efforts from the occupying militia and their opposition in all systems - see where the action is taking place.
  • Overall warzone control statistics and control statistics for selected systems.
  • See campaigns taking place for your faction and in individual systems. Monthly faction campaigns will be added soon.
  • COMING SOON: Faction and System section news tickers indicating action and notable individuals.
  • COMING SOON: Significant Developments showing system alerts, ownership changes and more.
  • COMING SOON: Full capsuleer statistics areas showing participation and those for corporations and alliances.
  • See EvE Online Faction Wars | EVE PANDORA | EVE ONLINE
    Expect to see several campaigns launched based around current Minmatar Militia objectives!


NOTE - This area at present needs optimisation for faster load speeds

  • Full statistics area showing site usage and capsuleer participation.
  • Most active campaigns and missions
  • Agents and agency statistics
  • Participation leaderboards
  • Standings leaderboards with agents and agencies
  • See