Previous Link to The Psychological Warfare Website?

What was the previous link to the Psychological Warfare Website?

It was named something like the Neuromicon or something.

It had a list of things to try and see how it would affect the target and so on.

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Google Books

Information Warfare

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Cannot be reached from my location.
I will try later on.

It most likely was some word or a combination of words which, while similar to Neuromicon, also was something else.
I have more data in storage, but due to China’s ideas on protecting IP and copyright by making more copies, while omitting that OS must be able to “copy” , no matter what IP they need to do so, while using as excuse to refuse to respect and protect military documents , some of which may not be published to unwanted parties, depending when and how, it makes it harder for me to sort the data, and I have to protect myself against other harassment and coercion into turning it into an Epic battle, which , for them to try to do so, justifies me to leave due to potential kidnapping and other interference of business and industrial spying.

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