I'm still looking for the PsyWar Links from the EVElopedia

Link to The Psychological Warfare Website

has none of the links working, but does not include the link with the info from the book I am looking for.
I did save the book, and info, however, I could not find it back from my notes back again .
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Need a merc for whatever job you have planned? Alekseyev Karrde’s superb guide will tell you how.

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The Crime_and_Punishment_(Useful_Threads))
was not saved in the WayBack Machine,
and the link does not lead to any working webpage at this time.

Has a PDF, but no PsyWar website link.

He wrote on that.

Sion Kumitomo’s

Here’s another one.


Incredible !

It worked from this forum
but not from the link.

Let me prove it:

Neurotechnicon: A Manual



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Yuri Bezmenov: Psychological Warfare Subversion & Control of Western Society (Complete)

849,131 views • Feb 23, 2011
18.4K subscribers

This is what is happening in the usa right now because the usa is vulnerable to subversion. A practice done by the kgb for centuries. This guy is an ex kgb agent. The video is 1 hour long. Watch it all.

44 minutes ago,
from 2 hours ago.

PSYOP Explained – What are Psychological Operations / Military Information Support Operations?

113,336 views • Nov 2, 2018
113K views - 1 year ago
Life is a Special Operation

They also use clearance for PsyOp which is not a surprise as to what it is and how it’s done.

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