Price check 10.5m miner (not selling)

Not selling it was only a price check like the titels says.

When is the next (neural) remap due? This may influence the price as the buyer will not be able to fine tune this element to his/or her requirement.

he has neural remap available now

Your eveboard says otherwise

but my character says it dose so

and not sure why you cant see it on eveboard as he clearly has Neural Remap Available Now.

Thats odd. I’ll bid 6.5b for this character. only shows Bonus Remaps, not neural ones :slight_smile:

why dose it say neural remap available now ? sorry i missunderstood then. not werry good at this game. but now i know

regardless my bid of 6.5b is valid for the next hour from this post

7b ready now

do you want to sell it?

still interested

Dude, do you wanna sell that chart or what? i convo you ingame and you didnt answer and close the convo

8b b/o?

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