Price Check 117m sp Character

Just curious as to the possible price for the character. High Grade Asc. pod, Mid grade asklep, mid grade hydra, and a +5 pod. Positive isk wallet, ect.
294 skins including Bloody Hands Nidhogger skin, Deathglow Hunters Avatar Skin, 51/51 Halcyon Dawn Skins.

nothing available to see through link

Let me know if this link works.

that one does yes

Still looking for price checks/offers.

Haven’t made the decision to sell yet, if/when I do I’ll make a proper post and adhere to CCP guidelines, just interested in what possible price ranges there are.

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If you decide to sell, please make sure that your post contains all the relevant and required data specified by the forum rules.

You can find the Rules for selling in this Thread and create a new Thread in the Character Bazzar.

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Assets wont transfer with the character


Bump, still interested in a price check.

70-90 bil