[Price Check] 15 y/o character, unique name, low SP


I am interested in selling this character and am curious what he might be valued at. The prime factors I feel that would increase his value is his age, name and corp history.

The Good:
- His name is Audit! Not the best of names but it is a unique word that appears in the dictionary. Audit your corp taxes, Audit your industry procedures, Audit your alliance killmail history. Etc!
- Audit was born 15.5 years ago. He was employed by only one non-npc corporation for a short period of time and has a clean employment history since then, roughly 15.5 years.

The Bad: 800,000 skill points.

I feel as if this character has some value just from his age and name but I just do not know exactly how much value so I am hoping you all could help me with that. All estimates are greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

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