Price Check -- 20.5m Caldari Mission Runner

Thinking about playing again and was wanting a price check on this toon:

Thanks for the info.

Missiles and missions have both really fallen out of fashion in current game meta. Value is about 14 bil in extraded SP, so somewhere in the 14 b - 16 b range.

Thanks for that info. BTW, what is the current meta these days? It has obviously been years since I last played.

Depends on what you are doing, but missions are poor isk/hr and missiles short of a few applications have never really been great in pvp. I havn’t been very active in null space or jspace as of late, but lots of small ship roaming and then capitals on the other extreme seem to be the action. Top ships on the goon killboard ( good representation of 0,0 politics and meta) are Sabre, Ares, Maeldiction, jackdaw, loki.

Nullsec burner missions and fw missions are the only missions you can really generate good isk/hr with now. Hisec burner missions with certain factions (soe, thukker. etc) are ok but still pale in comparison. Standard blitzing is almost never done anymore, and if it is, people use hyperspatial machariel.

Your standings with mordus legion is somewhat of valuable, though they don’t have a super amazing lp store, but the character can’t fly the right ships to really use it. If you had for example all frigates at 5 and assault frig 5, maybe better weapon supports, plus some assets set up in mordu stations, the isk you get could be much much higher. It also may be worth keeping the character around to run burner missions yourself.

At any rate. I will offer you 14bil.

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