WTB Caldari/Amarr mission puller/high standings

I would like to purchase a character with 5.0 to Caldari. Price depending on skill points and what cosmos missions have been completed already.

Still looking.


Still looking.

I have this character with High Standings BUT only too the two main corporations

With connections IV :slight_smile:

Caldary Navy 7.02
Emperor Family 6.14

Faction withy Connection IV

Caldari State 4.03
Amarr Empre 4.24


Without connections
Emperor Family 5.68
Caldari Navy 6.44
Further Foodstuffs 6.63

Was thinking in do her a Market toon, but the new changes screw me and have now too much traders.

Is low points, i can sell her for cheap.

Cosmos missions are not doing yet.

Hmmm, really wanting above 5.0 but how cheap are we talking?

3b, i need pay the transfer.

is in high sec, no kill rights, hace positive wallet, all ccp rules apply.

I think is a decent and just price.

Still looking!

Is this still available?

HI entropy, i can recover Mina Marjet, original owner but biomass her because i need the space.

I can sell you her for 3b in less than a week if u want.

Hey Mina, thanks for the quick reply. I am interested, lets continue this convo via in game mail :smile:

OK, i begin the process of recover the toon =P

Great! please check in game

Hey why not make your own thread? Btw still looking,

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