SOLD WTS Lowchar with caldary navy 7.02 and Emperor Family 6.14

Want sell this character because need the space to other pilot.

She have 1.1m points, but no reflected yet in eveskill board.

With connections IV :slight_smile:

  • Caldary Navy 7.02
  • Emperor Family 6.14

Faction withy Connection IV

  • Caldari State 4.03
  • Amarr Empre 4.24

She can do all the cosomos and tag quests, no history, decent name. Is in high sec, no killing rights, positive wallet, all ccp rules apply. I pay in CC euros.

You are purchasing a low char wiith good MARKET TRADER reputations.

If interested, answer the thread, i am not reading the evemail.

I am for sale

How much would you want for this character?

I plan let the people offer today and tomorrow, no hurry for sale.

Offer ?

I mean, with only 1mil SP, it wonโ€™t go for much. I can get a 5-7mil SP character for 4bil. So, probably low offer, but 500mil is my starting bid

You cant get thet reputations in a 5m points char for 4b.


6.2mil SP for only 4.5bil

The value is in STANDINGS, not in skill points.

Ohh, now I see. Apologies for that. What would be B/O, assuming youโ€™d be willing to sell right now?

Well, ihope get 5b at less, because the transfer cost is around 3.5b and took me a week to level her with many care.

saturday bump

Character is available and i up the reputrations a little more.

Daily Bump. If no sold before 30th of month, sale will be cancelled.

Well, i see the account expie 5 dec, (no bonus of 500k sp), then is better for me cancel the auction if not sale for that time


Because an unexpected travel, i think today can be the last fay of the character of sale, at most tomorrow.


Eve mail sent.

I agree to be sold at the Mina Therrin Offer.

Please send account name and isk to me, and answer when do so. I AM NOT READING EVE MAIL.

Isk and account sent.

Transfer done, please answer when you get the Character or the eve mail.

Pilot received.