SOLD Caldari Level 5 Faction Puller + Passive Isk Machine


Have a Look.

First the boilerplate:

I pay the transfer fee.

  • wallet. + sec status. No Kill rights.

Caldari Level 5 Faction Puller. FACTION standing is over 7.0 with connections.

(6.62 is unaffected by connections. Trust me, it’s over 7.0)

No FW Ranks.

Many extra skill books injected, Amarr Freighter, for instance.

PI to 4/4 (CSU and Planets). Can make nice isk passively.

BPO research? Can research 10 at a time. More passive isk.

Jump Clones in Mastakomon and Jita. Pod is in Jita.

Starting bid: 5 Billion.

Buyout? Try me. North of 7.5 tho.

Auction will end MONDAY MORNING right after downtime. That’s 7 AM EST MONDAY MORNING.

Questions? Chat up Mr Carbon or The Pav

or post them here, or evemail me.

Offer 8b/o. Valid 24 hours.

I’ll accept that. Please transfer the money and I will start the transfer process.

Evemail me the account name and any other particulars.


Isk recieved, character transfer started. Thank you for the flawless transaction.

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