WTS Lowchar with high caldari navy and emperor family cheap

I have this character with High Standings BUT only too the two main corporations


Without connections
Emperor Family 5.68
Caldari Navy 6.44
Further Foodstuffs 6.63

More about connections :clubs:8

With connections IV :slight_smile:

Caldary Navy 7.02
Emperor Family 6.14

Faction withy Connection IV

Caldari State 4.03
Amarr Empre 4.24

Was thinking in do her a Market toon, but the new changes screw me and have now too much traders.

Is low points, i can sell her for cheap

Cosmos missions are not doing yet.

saturday bump

What are you looking to get?

3b is ok for me, anyway i need transfer with credit card.

Monday bump

Owner here Character biomassed, can close the thread