SOLD Private Sale to Entropy PI3

Hi, i am a low level charm 2m points but with standings to amarr. and very good corporations for trader

with connections IV:


Amarr empire 5.03
caldari state 4.62
ammatar mandate 5.46
mordu legion 5.24

corporation :

5.98 amarr navy
6.37 emperor family
7.02 calday navy

Thie trade come from

We spoke in mail about 3b for amarr standings , my part is done.

The character is in high sec, no kill rights, is positive wallet, all ccp rules apply.

I go to outside to purchase food porthe COVID19 crisis (i am fine). Please sent the character the 3b and the account name and i transfer when i can, in the evening (i hope find soon the food).

Isk & account info sent. Thanks for the quick turnaround!

stay safe on your shopping trip

Luckly I can do before go outside =P

Transfer Done. Please answer when you receive the eve mail.

Confirmation email received, was a pleasure o7

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