Character sold

I’m for sale!

Located in highsec/Jita 4-4 station
+5 implant & Beancounter RX-804 in high-sec jump clone
Positive sec status
Positive wallet
No kill rights
No bounty
NPC corp

Minmatar Freighter IV
Evasive Maneuvering V
Good core fitting skills
Cybernetics V
Neural remap available - currently Perception/Willpower
Can also fly a basic t1 bashing Oracle.
Aspirant SKINs (17 total)
Standings to run L4 missions with 2 NPC corps, and countless L3 missions via faction standings with Caldari, Amarr, Mordu’s Legion, Khanid Kingdom, and Ammatar Mandate. With a higher Connections skill level & a little grinding, could get L4 faction standings with all five quickly.
Positive Triglavian & EDENCOM standings

Make me an offer.

To the top

5b offer

Would you go 6B?

5.5b offer

6b offer

I accept your 6B offer

@Sinful_Justification sent you in-game message. Ready for ISK & account details if you are.

Will match the 6b offer if you still have had no response by the time i get off work

I’m online and ready with 6B if you still havn’t had a response from the other guy

Will be home soon and will ping you then.

@Rayor_Severasse in-game mail sent.

Isk and account info sent

ISK received, initiating transfer now.

Transfer transaction completed. Let me know when you’ve received the character!

Received Thanks!