Price check 32 mil SP Gallente monster sub cap pilot

(Aeon Blade Ekanon) #1

Thinking about selling pretty focused 32 mil Skill point Ishtar monster drone ratting, mining, refining, T3 Cruiser, T2 hauler pilot.

2 Remaps, +4s no kill rights.

Lowball offers will be ignored, this is a sweet pilot made a ton of Isk running anoms in nul.

(Perpetualed) #2

23 billion.

(Orcus Aurilen) #3


(Carrie Mehome) #4


(Pistar Umano) #5


(Carrie Mehome) #6


(Aeon Blade Ekanon) #7

Have moved myself to HS and dropped Corp The offers have gotten my attention but he is worth more just on Skill points 32.5 mill… I am watching and will be online a lot today. So it’s official I am 4 sale listing myself.

(Aeon Blade Ekanon) #8

If you are offering 25 Bil I will accept B/O

(Carrie Mehome) #9

ISK and account info sent

(Aeon Blade Ekanon) #10

Will start transfer as soon as I get home from work about 3 hours

(Carrie Mehome) #11

Ok no problem

(Violent Disposition) #12

Character transfer started sorry forgot to post before i started the transfer but here is a link as proof.

(system) #13

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