Price check 32 mil SP Gallente monster sub cap pilot

Thinking about selling pretty focused 32 mil Skill point Ishtar monster drone ratting, mining, refining, T3 Cruiser, T2 hauler pilot.

2 Remaps, +4s no kill rights.

Lowball offers will be ignored, this is a sweet pilot made a ton of Isk running anoms in nul.

23 billion.





Have moved myself to HS and dropped Corp The offers have gotten my attention but he is worth more just on Skill points 32.5 mill… I am watching and will be online a lot today. So it’s official I am 4 sale listing myself.

If you are offering 25 Bil I will accept B/O

ISK and account info sent

Will start transfer as soon as I get home from work about 3 hours

Ok no problem

Character transfer started sorry forgot to post before i started the transfer but here is a link as proof.

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