Price Check 65.3m Character

(Ayana yutami) #1

Checking to see how much my charcter could be worth

Positive wallet

Well rounded Drone Skills , Gunnery , can fly lots of different ships

Logi / Drone Pilot

(TxivYawg1) #2

50 bil buyout offer

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #3

52 bil

(SarnBix) #4

its worth 65b

(Perpetualed) #5

I’m guessing @SarnBix is not a serious bidder…

53 billion.

(SarnBix) #6

no i am not. Just telling the man what he CAN get for it if he is patient and waits for the right buyer :).

(Iva Stark) #7

in that case he CAN get even 100b… 2020 probs…
53.5 b

(Nerdz Rool) #8

Price checks should really be in the Price Check subforum.

(system) #9

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