Price Check - Basic/half trained Levi pilot

(Koedoe) #1

Price Check on this basic Levi Pilot :

What would be considered a reasonable price and what will be a low ball offer?

I started training this character and then decided to get something different.

(Mad Vemane) #2

ill give you 15b

(Koedoe) #3

I will take 15bil as the low ball offer and should start in the region of 20bil? :wink:

(Mad Vemane) #4

in this curent state, its 100% useless. cant fly a titan properly, cant fly a dread, only cruise trained.

This toon needs so much work you will barely get more than extractor value, and that is if you find a test/tri dudes who hasnt figured out rag are the better shield titan

so no 15b is an actual serious offer :wink:

(system) #5

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