WTB Avatar pilot 20-30m SP

Want to buy a decent focused avatar pilot.

Do you need levi pilot?

Not really what im looking for but can i see the character skillset? i will keep the offer in mind if i dont find what im looking for

Still looking for an avatar pilot tho

Hit me up with your Erebus pilots aswell


WTS Leviathan (Caldari Titan) Pilot Levi pilot if intresting

Still looking, bump!

How much would you be paying for a bus pilot? I have one for sale but its at 72mil SP. I can strip it down to 30 though, depending on what you are paying :grinning:

I saw your ad, cant pay for your full account but if u strip it down and keep the titan V + the DD skills V i’d deffo offer the 40b i have.

Sounds good. I’ll send you an evemail ingame so we can talk a bit more in depth about that (and to make sure I dont strip the wrong skills etc).

sounds perfect! :smiley:

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