PRICE CHECK, Naglfar, Skill book away from Ragnarok

I’m looking into getting a price check on this toon, she’s more or less a very highly skilled Nag pilot, close to a ragnarok ( somewhat ). Char has had it’s hel skills extracted. 2 hours away from flying a ragnarok.

Pass: 1234



Should be 1234 Now sorry, will edit the post

0 fighter skills ?!
not really a hel pilot with 0 fighter skills

good core dread skills
good jump drive skills

its more of a focused dread toon than a hel toon my dude

could get like 25-30b for it

Like i’ve updated the Post apparently i’ve forgotten to edit the title but the hel skills were extracted recently.

offer retracted.

Still looking for price checks, if a good offer lands i’ll sell it.

i offer 25b if you choose to sell it

27b b/o offer - expires 36h

i got 26mil alt naglfar capswarm pilot with 1,5mil unlocated skills if u interested

Sure, I’m interested. Mail sent in game.

@Offline_Alt check mail. current offer is 28b on my selling thread. msg me till tommorow with offer

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