Price Check Old Archon turned Apostle

(Akira ShadowWolf) #1

Hello all,

I was encouraged to make a forum post about this old ship that I own. It used to be a C5 escalations triage archon back in the Good Ol’ Days™ and now it has become a Apostle with large t2 rigs. I heard there might be a collectors market for these and also heard a story of someone who got quite a price on a similar situation. So I wanted to get some community feedback on this, how much I could reasonably ask for it (and expect actual payment lmao) and such.

Here is a pic of the current fitting, (which is immaterial I guess. The only interesting thing is the hull with the large t2 rigs, the fit is just random stuff that was there when it turned apostle)

I want to hear what you guys have to say about this old thing. Can I fetch a good deal on it? Hopefully in the tens of billions lmao

(Ryan Ordo) #2

There’s an Apostle with 3x Large T1 Trimarks on contract for 1.29bil, not sure if the type of rig will effect the value.

(Akira ShadowWolf) #3

Oh ok, maybe the idea of this being a collector’s item is a little far-fetched. I’m not sure if there is any other way to prove this ship’s provenance except for the rigs. It’s a shape-shifted survivor of another age lmao, but without the rigs it just becomes another regular apostle. I don’t think the rigs themselves are useful or anything, just the proof that it was a old archon already that became a apostle.

But anyway, thanks for the reply.

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