Price Check please - for Me (2005 4.9m skill point character)

Would like to get a feel for what I am worth. Born in 2005 and has sat as an alt for a long time and never used - due to me taking a significant hiatus from Eve.

Site above quotes 3.5m skillpoints but it doesn’t include the 1.1m skillpoints that are unallocated and therefore isn’t up to date.

Happy to answer any questions but has a clean corp history as can be seen from the screenshots below

If anyone can give me some guidance it would be much appreciated

the actual sp value is minimal of course, but do to the age of the character I’ll throw you 4.25B for her?

Hi there,

thanks for the replies both here and in-game - i think for the moment i’ll keep the character.

Maybe start training the magic 14 and see what happens down the line

thanks for giving me an idea of value - much appreciated

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