Price of Plex - Market intervention Required from CCP

they should hit it second time by reducing bounty from rats or make it dynamical - more you kill less you gain from it, so no more idiotic farming 10 hour a day.

yet the cost of a sub is very low.

not exactly true, you can play as alpha.

come on, hit the sub button and free up your game play to have fun and not be stuck grinding like crazy to get isk to plex.
you will burn out, you’re playing long enough to know this.
so why ruin the game for yourself by forcing yourself down the road of being a plex slave.
makes no sense. :eyes: if ya enjoy the game then sub and play because you love it not because ya have to log in for x amount of hours a day, there is only so much mining and killing npc’s you can do before you go loco :crazy_face:

best of luck to ya i hope ya sub and stick around o7


Its pretty obvious that a newer player will buy PLEX to dump in the market regardless of its market value.

Which is great when Im in a buying mood.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think that without making the game fun for people, arguing over the price of PLEX is moot. If y’all ain’t gonna have a good time then y’all ain’t gonna stick around long enough to worry about the whole PLEX thing.

Just a thought.


Wwhen looking at the dlc there is one that gives 110 plex along with an omega upgrade which is perfect for new players wanting to try omega beyond a bonus special offer.

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Yup a perfectly sized package of plex to dump on the market and get that astero they lust after with lots of change

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I don’t buy the idea that people can’t afford a sub with RL money. Its $15, way way less than they spend on the internet connection and whatever other BS they spend money on. Not affording the $15 is a choice. If they are truly in that dire straights, then they shouldn’t be wasting their time playing video games, they should be working their butts off to permanently improve their life situation. So tired of years and years of people using the excuse that they can’t afford a sub as an argument for interference in the New Eden free market.

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There are countries where people still only earn $20 a month or other countries where the cost of living is tied to the CPI but the CPI as it does not include fuel costs or rent/mortgage increases.

It’s not always about affordability. For instance, one of my best mates does not play anymore. He could afford it, but because there are so many other games out there to choose from that are free to play, this is what he does.

I can tempt him back in when I need him or when he fancies it, but as a casual gamer he has no intention of paying for plex.

We cannot lose too many of this type of player.

It’s about opportunity cost and substitute products…

PLEX prices are high for a simple reason, its not meant to be the way to have an active account.

With the game being F2P, you can still enjoy seeing action; adapt to be an Alpha or manage RL better to be Omega.


I believe that the OP mentioned PLEXing more than one account is the issue; no one is forcing them to have that many accounts to begin with.

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What in the honest f— does this prove? So what? So EVE should be free with no restrictions? Sorry Buttercup that will not work without literal pay-to-win.

So stop badgering him. If he has made his choices stop pestering him. Pretty soon you’ll be “that guy” who won’t leave him alone about EVE Online and he’ll just stop responding to you.

Quite so, players who were used to (old) Plex being purchasable at around a billion, feel the current price quite clearly.

Now there are many reasons why plex is at it’s current price, the amount of isk sloshing around the economy, the addition of cosmetics on the new store, and of course the demand by traders looking to flip for a profit.

looking at the way player citadels altered the market so substantially after their launch, and CCP deciding to favour them regarding taxation (especially Broker fees), to encourage their deployment, I believe that is either the major driver, or at least an equal one with isk inflation.

The original idea where all PLEX transactions have a minimum Tax and broker fee charged by the SCC at a rate sufficient to prevent speculation, would have the greatest effect when done in conjunction with reducing ISK generation.

Interestingly enough, that is happening, and we are seeing the price of Plex start to drop. Funny that.

Expect it to continue until the consumption of plex, uses up existing stocks, and matches the quantity coming into the game, then you will have a stable price. Don’t assume the recent Tax announcements will be the last ones, they are starting gently before ramping up the pressure.

It is Strange how the age of Chaos creates stability. Or maybe it was what has been sorely needed all along.

The lesson is, the assumption that plex prices are a stable wealth store because it goes up all the time, and guarantees a profit, is a false assumption, Stability only comes when supply matches demand, and speculation demand, only exists if it is profitable, and demand to Plex omega alts, only exists if it is worthwhile, and that is currently not viable for many.
Strip out speculation demand through the Tax and brokerage fee changes, reduce isk generation inflation, and we will see Plex prices at historically low levels, and I DON’T mean last years!

I see the price of plex recovering in Amarr. Haven’t checked Jita lately.

PLEX prices are inflating because it is easier for players to gain more and more accounts which can gain in game profits in excess to the point that not only does it pay for all the PLEX they need but it also feeds directly into a black market of selling extra ISK and PLEX bought with ISK through RMT as it further drains PLEX supply more than players continue buying PLEX from CCP.

Fortunately some people don’t need that much income or many accounts and will just pay for their subscriptions keeping the lights on for CCP.

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With anything player made if prices get insane you can always build your own. CCP has in the past admitted to having to artificially tamper with PLEX prices by printing ISK its common for central banks (the fed) to have implement inflation control measures as well as deflation control.

Removal of all input automaters and real money transfers is required.

We are trying to have a discussion and debate. You use of the word buttercup suggest you are salty. Have I killed you in game!

Please stay on topic and put your argument forward without the need to get personal.

The intervention that is required is for the rewards in Null to be massively reduced so that they support a lot less people per system.

This will make other areas more profitable and so increase the number of people buying PLEX with cash.

If you the PLEX prices are high, then I sell my minerals on the market. Tritanium in high in demand. I am making ISK from Tritanium and Pyerite.