Price of Plex - Market intervention Required from CCP

Look what is happening now, look buyers order, fixed quantity, small increase of price, what is happening now is simple : botters are buying plex in a so large quantity that they can sell them making marging trading, price is constently increasing, who can afford to buy 11’011 plex or 1515 each time ? Answer is simple : bot farmers, poeple making trillions, they are just killing the game for Real money.

here 2 bots fighting each other :

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The price of PLEX that drives CCPs behavior is the one in real money.

The number of PLEX available for release into EVE’s internal market is driven by that price and the demand of “cash-rich” players to exchange cash for ISK, which they do via PLEX. If CCP manipulate the internal market (such as freezing the PLEX/ISK exchange rate at some artificially low number) it will influence the behavior of PLEX-for-cash buyers.

The ISK price of PLEX is an artifact of the in-game environment.

CCP can’t just go in and change it without accepting the consequences - which would be detrimental to their business objectives (for simplicity, I’ve assumed that revenue and/or profit are their most important metrics).

As for the current real-money pricing strategy for subscriptions and PLEX: I don’t need to know the details. I only need to make the obviously rational assumption that CCP hire business professionals to make the calculations.
An aside: PLEX for cash buyers lose nothing if they stop exchanging PLEX for ISK, or (on aggregate) permanently reduce their purchases. They’re paying subscriptions for their accounts, so they can keep playing with their existing resources, and with significantly less extra ISK from selling PLEX.

So while the current situation is probably a temporary thing, the PLEX/cash market isn’t necessarily stable in the longer term.

It’s a shame hardly anyone here pays attention to the facts. Denying the relevance of the PLEX/cash market is one part of that. Denying the fact that CCP’s behavior is influenced and constrained by their need for revenue and profit is another. EVE players aren’t just “lost in the fog” regarding the game itself /lol…

The PLEX-buying “whales” are the real elite of EVE. The pretend-elite are freeloaders whose only possible contribution is interesting content for others. And they’re falling down on the job.

Plex prices wont go down, because to little new PLEX coming in game (
players buying wery little PLEXs for cash ) and large quantity of PLEXs are sterilized from game by SF. That is main reason.

this is only market speculations of middle man:

This year we wont have “summer low” in PLEX price because pressure from SF is to high.


Botters or not , if a player or an alliance have trillions in the wallet the logical movement is to invest buying PLEXs, is a warranty to get profit. Only CCP knows how many PLEXs are stored in assets.

Keep investing and kill the market. No worry, I sincerly hope nobody will buy those plex, problem is other big alliances are buying them.

The actual alliance system is a no brain moove. Let’s change the rule and set a maximum of 500 or 750 pilotes per alliance (alliance = 5 corporation maximum), we need to change it, too many few entities (I mean over mega big alliance) got too much power. We need to equalize that.


I have just found this:

Very large post, The next part is interesting:

Is there any plans to intervene in the price of PLEX?

There are no plans to do so that this stage, but the EVE Economic Council is watching the situation closely. If they feel there’s need to intervene, then we’ll look at how to do so.

If you look at it at the core then it’s more the price of ISK which is falling, rather than PLEX rising. The ease of which segments of EVE Players are able to generate new ISK into the economy, often without any risk or exposure to other players interfering is the crusp of the issue IMHO.

Do not know if this is already linked in this tread.

Alliances is a ccp construct as large groups already had out of game sites and utilities. What you suggest will not change the large groups. So by all means, plex victim, ask ccp so you will get angry at the large bloc out of game resources. Stop setting youself up for failure unless you do not play eve and use the forums to get attention from other humans.



Why bother comment?

What part of plex is bought with real money dont you understand?
These people may not spend their own rl money to be ingame, but that money HAS to come from somewhere; the end result is whether you plex for omega or sub - CCP get paid.
In effect EVERY Omega account is a paid account…

Also what?

Plexing account holders should have no sway because they dont provie content? is that what your trying to say?
Do you actually play the game with other people?

Don’t assume people who plex only farm, its a silly assumption to make; simple farming is not a smart way to make isk when your not playing afk and tbvh its rather boring.

I can make enough isk to plex one account easily for the month WHILST looking for solo/small gang pvp - in an enyo (100mil, perfect skills)

It is damn quiet out there with player encounters often being ready to cyno ontop of you no matter what your in (See syndicate entities for the past few months, groups like init, moab, nsh and even the smaller groups trying to hotdrop caps onto anything as big as a cruiser) Or in fact being in 10+ gangs or not at all.

People seem to have dropped into this habit now that structure bashes are the content eve needs, if course these would be fine if the only thing people wanted to do was join a gang and play follow the leader (which many do) but with little to no incentives for players to move around solo or in small groups rather than large this means many stay docked, and then log, forever… because who wants to wait around in a station to form for three hours or wait til thursday for a timer?

A lot going wrong, I mean its geat they want an engine that will house a 10k player battle… but will anyone be around to play it?


I’ve heard this kind of thing fantasy once too often. It wasn’t interesting the first time, but now it’s just tedious.

Subscription buyers and PLEX-for-cash buyers provide income to CCP: they are paying customers.

Everyone else is either a prospective paying customer, part of the service that’s provided to paying customers, or a useless freeloader.

Buyers of PLEX-for-ISK are one of the last two. They are obviously not paying customers, because they do not pay CCP any real money.

And they are not doing a good job providing interesting content to others. Landlords, botters, SP farmers … they only provide entertainment for paying customers as an accidental side-effect of the farming.

PLEX costs real money.

Your failure to understand that enthralls me it really does.

Prey tell me, how does one acquire PLEX without someone first buying it with real cash?

Also do tell me what you bring to the game, what do you do ingame that is ‘content’?


You are partially correct, and partially incorrect.

Plex-for-ISK buyers are not actually paying customers, this is true. They provide a service to paying customers that paying customers are willing to exchange cash for. In effect, Plex4ISK buyers are employees of CCP, trading their working hours (ISK generation) for the cash product that CCP sells (Plex).

You are incorrect in that they are not doing a good job at providing services/content. They are, in fact, doing such a good job at ISK generation that the value of ISK is dropping steadily, and Plex/ISK price is rising. They are also providing ‘content’ for market traders, corp recruiters, landlords, alliances who need to N+1, etc. You conflated ‘content’ with ‘entertainment’ in the last sentence.

In a competitive scenario, not all ‘content’ is ‘entertainment’.

However, the lack of ‘content provision’ and the profusion of ‘content-free ISK generation’ is squarely on CCP’s shoulders, not that of Alphas, Plexers, or even Omegas. Those people are making the best use of the game mechanics as designed, set up, programmed, bugfixed (or broken), and tweaked by CCP.

If it ain’t workin’, you don’t go looking at the players and say “You’re playing this wrong”. You look at the designers and say “I’m sorry, but you guys don’t seem to know what you’re doing here”.


hate to break it to you, but I regularly place orders that large and even larger. my “normal” monthly buy orders are around 25000 plex.


I’m so tempted to follow forum standards and flame you with a few delusional claims and some gratuitous insults for daring to disagree, even though you’re (at worst) mostly right.

… but I have to go out … and anyway I wouldn’t really :slight_smile:

I’ll replace this with a reply later today or tomorrow (CET).

FWIW, I was definitely thinking mostly of entertainment.
I don’t think direct ISK generation by PLEX4ISK buyers (nice compact term - I’m stealing it) is all that useful. There’s almost no credit in EVE, so CCP can easily manage the money supply.
I should have considered mining and salvage though.

Just a quick update for all those caught up in the theorycrafting and less in the marketwatching:

It’s entirely possible that some trigger point has been reached, and the selloff/profit taking phase before the Plex market falls too much has begun.

Gentlemen, start your engines!

(Edit: Forgot to mention this before… reason is, Plex is down 200,000 ISK across all regions of the game in past 2 days, sell volume is up, buy volume is down)

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What you forget here is that the income of some is endless…so the price is irrelevant…those people control the market and ccp does not see this as problem as long as they buy a specific amount of plex with this endless income…the “normal” player is the one left behind…

None of the super rich,nor ccp…the 99% are the loosers…

How about: Griffers have expelled whales and now there is no one to buys PLEXs from CCP and normally that PLEX is in shortage and PLEX price rises…

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Would you tell us what’s the source of those 100 B isk?

i’d assume 10+ rorquals + skill farming from pilots of those rorquals.