【Price update!】 4T Sell(Or use apocalypse imperial to exchange) collection of a full set of Sansha

Some people are currently bidding 3.2t, still accepting new offers.

lmao, can we know who? :joy:

If you have someone bidding 3.2 trillion isk you might as well accept that :laughing: probably wont get anything higher for a loong time

In the past six months, I have received offers from more than 10 people, and the price range is between 2.5-3.5, but none of them signed a contract with me.I think they are just talking about it, not really wanting to buy it.

So until they turn into ISK and transfer to my account, everything is unknown.

Of course. wen we close the deal, I’ll post his ID, if he wants.

you are a legend bruh

Thank you for the compliment.

The current highest offer is 3.2t.
Still accepting new offers.

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You take a trade of an apocalypse imperial issue and Armageddon imperial issue

I want to exchange one of the two ships.

Apocalypse imperial issue and Armageddon imperial issue

If anyone is willing to use one of these two, come and exchange with me.
I will be more than happy to accept

which ship would you prefer it be. Also we would have to use a third party of my choice

I think you misunderstood I was offering a trade of them for your collection

I think Armageddon imperial issue batter.

Can we use a buddy of mine as a third party we both contract our things to his character and then upon a successful trade I will pay him 10b isk

Excuse my necessary caution
I think first you need to prove to me that you do have it.
Then we can discuss the details of the transaction.


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It would be amazing if these were really yours

can give me a contract for imperial issue, set a high price to make sure I can’t steal it.

Sorry no can do there are bugs in the contract system that would allow you to steal it i totally understand your caution and I also am extremely cautious aswell

We can put the dispute on hold for now
I can’t trust your friend, I think you can understand this
So I have two proposals

  1. You can transport your ship to the space station where I am, so that I can trade by contract. I will bear the shipping cost this time.
  2. Your friends can use 3t to buy my collectibles first. Then you sell the boat to me for 3t. I am also willing to bear the brokerage fee for this transaction

what do you think?