Private Sale - Finished

Private sale, buying the character “Nakuri” from Nakuri.
Waiting for seller to join the thread and join in on the negotiation.

As far we speak in the eve mail i agree to sell myself in 5b

I am in high sec, no killing rights, have positivewallet, all ccp rules apply.

I am a 8.5m pilot, with :

  • CYno v
  • falcon
  • mining frigate V - only need an hour and a book to use prospect and endurance.
  • gallente industrial V - DST / viator

I am in work now, but i transfer today when i return from work. Please tell me when you sent the isk and account name.

Account name and ISK has been sent to the seller.
Waiting for character transfer

is the first time i do a transfer, not sure if i do ok.

Please tell me if you receive an eve ccp mail, or tha character.

Mail from CCP have been recieved. Just waiting for the character transfer to automatically complete :slight_smile:

Enjoy !

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