Private trade

(Amarr Citizen 1693841881) #1

This is a private trade thread for:

being sold to Tricky beaver Fortune’GUN
for 2 bilion isk.

isk should be sent to the character:
cynosural fieid
notice that there are 2 “i” s in “FieId”

[WTB] 2003-2009 male character (e.g. “Caldari Citizen xxxxxxx”)
(Tricky beaver Fortune'GUN) #2

I need 10 min.

(Tricky beaver Fortune'GUN) #3

Isk and account info has sent.

(Cynosural FieId) #4

Isk received, transfer initiated.

(Tricky beaver Fortune'GUN) #5

Thank you!

(Cynosural FieId) #6

Thanks for the trade. Go get em tiger. (:wink: