Private Transfer

(Cr00ked Hillary) #1

This is for the transfer of the character Nicolai Jennings to me, Cr00ked Hillary. I have agreed to buy the charachter in game from Nicolai Jennings for 38 billion ISK. The accounts contains the Hel Firewall Breach SKIN and has these skills according to the seller which is the sale I am agreeing to. Isk will be sent alsong with account name as soon as seller responds and confirms these details and the sale here.


(Nicolai Jennings) #2

Confirming private sale for 38b isk and has firewall breach skin.

i pay transfer fee, char has pos.wallet.
all ccp rules apply.

p.s. have hel for sale if needed

(Cr00ked Hillary) #3

sending isk and account name to Nicolai in game

(Cr00ked Hillary) #4

accnt name and isk sent

(Nicolai Jennings) #5

isk and recieved

sending toon any sec

Character Name: Nicolai Jennings

Will be completed after: 8/18/2017 4:34:26 AM

(Cr00ked Hillary) #6

character received thank you