Private transfer

Confirming that I am selling this character as per in-game arrangement to Zhelobaeva

Isk send to Mechanical Patun char, waiting for transfer to my acc Zhelobaeva.

Confirmed 1kkk

Character was transfer, but he haven’t executed the transaction rest and disappeared :frowning:

9h left. No answer from support. Very sad.

1 day left. No answer for my ticket.

3 day left :frowning:

no answer still. I duplicate ticket. Wait.

Main ticket 5 day left no answer.
Copy ticket 1 day left no answer.
May be somebody will give advice?

no answer for my ticket

3 weeks have passed
5 tickets are created
there is no answer

still there is no answer
I create ticket for CCP team - GM Iceberg just closed.

No answer :frowning_face:
I have returned 1kkk back

No answer

more 4 month - no answer from support

Вопрос решен. Тема закрыта. Closed.