Private transfer

(Mehanika) #1

Confirming that I am selling this character as per in-game arrangement to Zhelobaeva

(Yume Mahou) #2

Isk send to Mechanical Patun char, waiting for transfer to my acc Zhelobaeva.

(Mehanika) #4

Confirmed 1kkk

(Mehanika) #5

Character was transfer, but he haven’t executed the transaction rest and disappeared :frowning:

(Mehanika) #6

9h left. No answer from support. Very sad.

(Mehanika) #7

1 day left. No answer for my ticket.

(Mehanika) #8

3 day left :frowning:

(Mehanika) #9

no answer still. I duplicate ticket. Wait.

(Mehanika) #10

Main ticket 5 day left no answer.
Copy ticket 1 day left no answer.
May be somebody will give advice?

(Mehanika) #11

no answer for my ticket

(Mehanika) #12

3 weeks have passed
5 tickets are created
there is no answer

(Mehanika) #13

still there is no answer
I create ticket for CCP team - GM Iceberg just closed.

(Mechanical Patun) #14

No answer :frowning_face:
I have returned 1kkk back

(Mechanical Patun) #15

No answer

(Mechanical Patun) #16

more 4 month - no answer from support

(Mechanical Patun) #17

Вопрос решен. Тема закрыта. Closed.