Problems with Spreadsheet HELP!

Hey all, I have build a spreadsheet to help me seed stations for my corp!
I have been having issues with load times and I suspect I have hit my import limit. Is there any way to create the xml import so that it gets the same info with less queries? (Specifically under “Items to stock” columns I - L.

Thanks in advance!

You can condense your market calls down to 1 pull:

=importxml(“”&{Range of IDs}&"&usesystem=30000142", “//sell/min”)

Now for the “Range of IDs” you can just do “{$F$2:$F$25}”, on your Items to Stock sheet, instead of pulling each individually you just pull all of them in 1 (one) single call; you may have to transform the return to make it fill down in the column.


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