Procurer Miner sale / Starter Drone skills


(Derek Agar) #1

Procurer miner
Starter drone skills
Ideal miner alt to get your mining fleet going

Starting price: 1b
Reserve: hidden

(ISD Stall) #2

Thread moved to character Bazaar

– Stall

(Derek Agar) #3

Bumpty Bump!

(Callille Audanie) #5

1 B I have to wait until Jan 30th to buy

(TypingTot) #6

1.2b offer

(Callille Audanie) #7

1.3b offer

(TypingTot) #8

1.5 offer

(Callille Audanie) #9

1.8b offer

(Callille Audanie) #10


(system) #11

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